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About Us

A little about Delteria Online

Graal Client

You can now download Graal Online Delteria to your Mac/PC/Linux
Click Here


Delteria will soon be avaliable on both iOS and Android.
Keep checking here for updates on the release date!


Log on, gear up, and invite your friends on an epic adventure in Delteria! Complete story quests, raid dungeons, and seige towers!

Weekly Rewards

We are working on a new feature for players who dedicate their time to Delteria with weekly rewards. Such prizes will come from a large pool of rewards.


Join our Discord Community


Chat with both friends and Delteria Staff members.


We have tons of features installed to entertain our players. Enjoy our music bot and much more.

Play Games

Discord was created to help players communicate. Yes, we do play other games. Anyone up for a League of Legends match?

Share your Content

We love to see players showing off their new drops or even hugging their friends. Don't be shy to not share your photos

And much more!

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Read What People Are Saying About Delteria

“I love Fae, She completes me ich ”

- Jeremy Boss

“DJ Talon here the glubs glubs requested some weird music, little did I know it summon a great beast ”

- General Talon

“Keep It Up Guys, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant


See what’s included in the App


Hat Shop

Pig Boss



Player Content

We love sharing your gaming videos!